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Criminal Defense

Pete’s experience as a Criminal defense attorney recognizes that people are often wrongly accused of crimes or just need assistance in dealing with a difficult situation. He will fight for you and be on your side, with fees that are reasonable and fair.

Our practice focuses on criminal defense.

Felony Criminal Defense

Felony charges are grave crimes requiring experiences criminal defense. Felony conviction can result in considerable fees and a lengthy prison term. Individuals convicted of a felony are required to provide samples of their DNA to the state.

Connecticut Felony convictions also result in the loss of specific rights, including the right to serve on a jury and the right to vote.

Our experience in criminal defense representation for felony charges includes sexual assault, drug and gun charges, risk of injury and manslaughter.

Misdemeanor Criminal Defense

While less significant than felonies, a criminal record is a consequence of a misdemeanor.

Some misdemeanors carry mandatory minimum jail sentences.

Our experience includes criminal defense for all misdemeanors, including larceny, drug cases, domestic violence, assault, DWI/DUI, and motor vehicle charges.

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